7 steps to find the right person in woven bag phone sales

7 steps to find the right person in woven bag phone sales

The first and foremost condition for doing a good job in telemarketing is to find the right person. If the telemarketer is always talking to an incorrect person during the sales process, you will not have a good performance even if you do other things in place. Let me introduce to you how to find the right person in the phone sales process, I hope to give the telemarketer a little help!

First, accurate customer positioning: Accurate customer positioning is the prerequisite for finding the right person, that is, first of all, to locate who is the person we are looking for. If there is an error in the market positioning, it is impossible for the telemarketer to find the right person. For example, a telecom service provider wants to promote a PBX service by contacting the person in charge of the relevant department by telephone. Their marketing department told the telemarketer to contact the person in charge of the call, and the results were not ideal. This is a problem with positioning errors. In fact, the person responsible for a phone call is often a logistician or someone in the office. They simply do not have the right to decide to handle this business. Even if they are interested in this service, they should report it upwards. The real decision-making power should be the person in charge of the administrative department. Because of the positioning error, the midway abortion of the project. Nowadays, many companies have to consult with companies that help companies to locate the market before they develop the market, so as to accurately locate customers.

Second, comprehensive corporate information: comprehensive corporate information is a must-have weapon for finding the right person, because comprehensive corporate information can help you fully understand the company, so there is more topic to communicate with the personnel of this company. You can also have more flexible access reasons to help you find the person you are looking for. My usual method is to buy a business directory product through a professional data company. This kind of product introduction company has a relatively comprehensive field, which can help telemarketers to fully understand the enterprise. High accuracy and avoid wasting time and effort on the telemarketer. With this type of data tool, telemarketers can easily find and talk to the right people.

Third, keen judgment ability: As a telemarketer, you must have a keen judgment ability, that is, the telemarketer must judge the identity of the other party by starting a few words to determine whether he is the target customer you are looking for. I have seen too many telemarketers who were looking for people in the marketing department but talked with the salesperson of the other party for a long time, but did not recognize the identity of the other party. They are still introducing the product incessantly, and when the other party listens When you understand, you will tell him that the product is not what I need. This completes a failed woven bag sale. If I determine that the other person is the front desk or other unrelated person (not related to your product or service), they are the wrong person, and the telemarketer must get rid of them quickly. Find someone who is true. Judging the identity of the other party is mainly through the language, tone and tone of the other party. If you can't determine the identity of the other party after communicating for a while, you can use flexible questions to judge the identity of the other party (see below).

Fourth, the flexible form of questioning: the highest level of telemarketing staff is to let customers say they do not say, such a telemarketer is a mature telemarketer. Let the customer say that he must learn to ask questions. The question to the customer must be that he is willing to answer, and that he can answer it, and he is also concerned about it, or it may be a problem that has long plagued him. And you are here to help him solve these problems. Here's an example: If we want to find someone in the technical department to communicate, then the questions we ask are technical, and if the other party is not interested, then he is not a technical person. We can find a way to get rid of him. How to get rid of (see above).

5. Polite form of getting rid of: If you judge that the other party is not the person you are looking for, you must use a polite form to get rid of each other, and we have to find the person we are looking for through the other party. No matter which way, we must be polite.

6. Appropriate Judgment: If you want to find the right person, you must make an appropriate judgment on the identity of the person at the other end of the line, mainly to determine whether the other party has the right to decide whether to purchase your product or service, or to report it. Approval is the decision-making level or the staff. If a proper judgment is made, the woven bag telemarketer should be able to bypass the clerks and go directly to the decision maker. That is the most correct person.

Reasons for reasonable access: In order to find the right person, the telemarketer must prepare multiple reasons for the visit before the visit. For different people and different companies, there must be a reasonable reason for visiting, because you directly find what you are looking for. The possibility of a person is very small, and it may take a lot of people to turn the phone, so there must be multiple reasonable reasons for access!


7 steps to find the right person in woven bag phone sales

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