Why do some woven bags have a break?

Why do some woven bags have a break?

In the process of custom-made woven bag production, due to the failure of the circular loom and the size of the flat woven fabric, there are many reasons for the woven bag to break through. Because of different circular looms and different flat ray, the reasons for the woven bag are different, so it is difficult to answer comprehensively. The main reasons for the frequent occurrence are summarized below.

1. Individual warp strength is low

The reason why the individual warp strength is low may be that the spindle or the both ends are scratched by the hardener during the transportation turnover, and there are large impurities, unmelted masterbatch or crystal point in the flat fiber structure. In addition to recycled materials, because individual flat wires are too thin or too narrow, they generally do not break.

2, the ambient temperature is too low

The ambient temperature is too low. Generally, when the temperature is below 5 °C, the flat wire is obviously brittle and the probability of breaking the wire is obviously increased. At temperatures below 10 ° C, brittle fracture may occur. The low ambient humidity is not as sensitive to temperature as the broken wire. Generally, when the relative humidity is below 50%, the broken wire is prone to occur. However, the ambient temperature is low and the relative humidity is small, and it is easy to break the wire.


Why do some woven bags have a break?

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